Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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And yet he went to them during the Reverie, coincidently after he saw Luffys bounty. He was chilling on an island right before this, and was at a wedding when Blackbeard was doing stuff.

Again, why would Oda hide the person Shanks is talking about? We know they dislike each other. Also, him talking to the Gorosei regardless is ridiculous, they are just as bad, if not worse than Blackbeard
Why hide who shanks was talking about?
- Cause Oda likes obscuring the obvious so people make intrigue.

Why talk to the gorosei?
- Cause Shanks likely wants to create an alliance with the world government to take down Blackbeard before he becomes too powerful

Why during the Reverie?
- Cause Shanks knew a hot topic of the reverie was the abolishment of the warlord system, and knowing BBs greedy nature it’s the perfect time to set a trap for him and his crew

All of this goes along with Shanks’ previous characterization and previous goals and concerns.
oh man i was so excited to see Lucci again in a fight but it seems i was mistaken. i thought maybe Sanji , and Zoro will fight Lucci and Kaku and humiliate them.
then no worries Luffy and Zoro can sleep as much as they want.
it will need at least a Week if the WG really has to send someone worthy.
...cant Luffy keep punching his Bajrang Gun even after he won the clash? Just to punch Wano and Kaidou inside the ground? I wanna see some massive destruction, whole Wano nation folded biscuit-style like Dressrosa City or something...some absurd environmental damage:seriously:
Um, is this not enough?

Their attack was so powerful it triggered those cracks on Wano which is just insane lol.
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