Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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Notice how even casual fans are only focusing on and invested in Zoros moment and luffy despite punching kaido for an entire week, people are still talking about flying dragon blaze from last chapter
I see, so you keep sending spam to give Zoro a sense of existence, right?
Zoro will only get scolded for having fans like you:suresure:
Because no one still says "I'm using Haki". Awakening is becoming super common with Top Tiers.
Actually mo top tier showed to be awakened besides Luffy and maybe Law. Doflamingo and Katakuri are not top tier and even less Kid. Don't even need to mention Impel Guards.

Kid and Law just said to have awakening why Kaido and Big Mom wouldn't too?
They were explaining every power they were using. ACoC. Healing bones. Etc.
I don't understand the Zoro fans. Jesus you got your favourite character fight with an emperor and still you want MORE and MORE and MORE. You guys really are insatiable.

What can I say for Sanji, as a Sanji chad myself I still can't believe my favourite character got no scene with Kaido, for real. I just can't understand why Oda did not take that route. What us Sanji fan can say about that? Yes Sanji got other moments but still ...

In the end, Zoro fans should be grateful for what they have got. So take that and shut the fuck up.
You are not analyzing anything.
You and your headcanon want Kaido to fight more just like Mr Morj, so you find every way to justify Kaido getting backing up and fighting over and over again.

If you were analyzing anything such things wouldnt come out of your mouth.
You can't argue back. You can only say that I'm wrong and saying stupid things. But jo real argument. Because you don't have evidences. You have headcannon.
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