Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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What? Luffy’s win v Kaido was Luffy+Rooftop 5+Scabbards+Yamato+dumb luck+Big Mom Pirates Betrayal (most likely)
Apoo+Ulti did more damage to Luffy than the scabbards did to Kaidou
Kidd's shock and awe at ryuo gattling indicates the other R5 were not doing much damage before then. Zoro's asura slash didn't put Kaidou on his back, but Luffy's SINGLE adv CoC punch did. Luffy gave Kaidou hundreds upon hunreds of punches and hits in the 30 minutes they fought on the rooftop before Luffy got knocked out for the second time, then Yamato came up did a bit of damage only to get told she needed to GTFO and watch the men fight which they did for another extended period and then , and she admitted even after round 3 of Luffy vs Kaidou he was still very likely to annihilate the entire alliance including herself.

How much damage do you really think any of these characters did compared to a single blow from Hydra or Roc Gattling? Answer is near ZERO.

No "dumb luck" was involved.
Luffy knocked Kaidou out, not anyone else, Kaidou acknowledges this. Big Mom does not acknowledge her "loss" against Law/Kidd/Bomb as being legit.
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