Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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No that’s the fandom’s headcanon, there’s was no mention of an Oni race anywhere in the series. Plus I know that you guys are hoping for a plot point where Kaido is mad because humans were racist against him and were discriminating against him that’s why he wanted to become Joy boy because he wanted to end the discrimination he suffered but at some point he gave up on being Joy boy and decided to create a world of violence.

This is the fandom’s headcanon about Kaido and what they hope his story will turn out to be but isn’t this a recycling of Arlong’s and Hody’s backstory? What is new about this storyline

Finally the special one in the beast pirates was always King due to his Lunarian heritage not Kaido and some BS Oni storyline, that’s why you’re setting up yourselves for disappointment because your wet dream didn’t come true

No such thing as Oni race exist and I refuse to believe this
Guys stop with this Kaido Oni storyline BS, there’s no such thing as an Oni race you’re setting yourselves up to be bullied by me once it’s revealed that Kaido is just a human(even though it was never explicitly mentioned that he wasn’t)
Not sure what to think, at all really. Gotta wait for the next chapters to see how it all ties up.
Wano is very clearly going to change shape. The unstable ground probably will mean its borders will literally open up (the cliffs will collapse). I'm sure Zunisha is here for this purpose, and I'm sure this is how the CP-0 and BMP problem will be resolved (though I can see the BMP saving Big Mom somehow)

As for Kaido's actual fate, unknown tbh. Maybe he's dead via the magma and it's LKK lol. Maybe he turns to stone or something and "dies". Maybe he emerges from Mt. Fuji to make one last attempt to destroy the Capital (knowing he'll die potentially). Maybe Luffy stops him. Maybe ZKK happens instead.

Who knows.
Exactly. I'm not a "zkk" supporter, but I guess anything is possible if Oda is trying to parallel the Hokusai paintings. Since Luffy won, my argument with ZKK people is over, all I cared about was him actually winning and it the fight being done. Now that it is, anything that happens after is purely circumstantial to the plot and not the MCs fight.
it just doesn’t make much narrative sense that the guy who kills kaido right after Luffy beat him is someone who barely fought him.

if kaido returned why the hell would anyone heal zoro? Wouldn’t they want to heal Luffy instead?
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