Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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All this whining over nothing. :kobeha:
If Kaido awakens, both get out of there only for Kaido to get killed and BM betray him because that's what pirates do it's going to be the end of the world for some mongos in here. :mihanha:
Anywhere says last hour?

I misunderstood tha panel saying that the fire lasted 5 days until the rain comes.

But there is panel saying the fight lasted more than expected.

Not sure how long it lasted.
Yeah my bad. It never says it lasted an hour but from the anime and manga as well it looks like the battle lasted a few hours at night.
It lasted more than expected because it was 11 Samurais x Beast Pirates Army
I had an idea if it was done well the series would be a lot better; so if they made it where the new gen Yonko took down one Yonko each. Instead of bringing Kidd to Wano make it so that while Luffy and Law took down Kaido and Big Mom each, Kidd took down Shanks that would be a much better idea than what we got here
How come people still believe, at this point, that Zoro is gonna recover somehow from the brink of death and kill a completely defeated Kaidou, who is now I don't now how many meters under the ground in magma?
That kind of things happens in every shonen to see the heroes somehow recover from the brink of death, get stronger that they were healthy and defeat the enemy even if it doesn't make any sense. It already happened against Mr1 where Zoro should have died a hundred times before being able of landing the slightest injury to Mr1.
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