Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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Big Mom aside, how much effect can lava really have on Kaido considering one of his attacks consists of literally setting himself on fire? He has to be contained or dead to be truly defeated so I'm curious what the explanation will be regarding that
Yep I think it's not magma to be the issue but maybe it contains seastone according to some theories. We will see.
Oden isn't Kaido or Big Mom, he doesn't have their freakish body and natural resistance and resilience.
Yeah Maybe I would say Oden was built up to be pretty freaky but Mayne not as much they are hard to quantify
But this situation is much more lethal than that
And both of them are coming into it in way worse conditions
If there was no magma in there
I could understand people's sentiment

But their in critical condition being enveloped by magma a thousand miles down beneath the island
How the fuck could they survive that
Oden when into a boiling pot pretty healthy and died within an hour
Why would oda create this ultra dire specific circumstance just to have them survive or escape
Kaido has a much more durable body than Oden. If he can survive 40 death sentences and a thousand torture methods without receiving a single scar then him should survive magma.

Then there's that painting that shows a dragon coming out of a volcano exploding. There just happen to be a volcano.
Not only that they need a strong crew or a bigger crew with some more quality fighters here and there, a wounded Big Mom looked like she could solo the entire Kid + Heart pirates lol, that aint it for a yonmo crew.

While straw hats have proved they can beat the calamities, the flying six (at least 3 of them), and have a Grand Fleet.
Facts straw hats have more experience + i like your pfp
Both are unconscious as well if they are drowning in Magma even if the heat doesn't kill them lack of Oxygen will.
Last time Big Mom drowned she even got amnesia.
Yeah neither are immortal and how could the bmp save her without knowing anything and having very few options to get her if they did know

This feels like odas way of getting rid of them
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