Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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I already told this before, the 1% man is ZORO! After he fight the strongest form of Kaido's and kill him.
Luffy just winning the fight, but Zoro will winning and killing Kaido.
Trust me before its to late 😁🙏🏻
The key to Kaido returning is Zoro

Zoro will be treated by Chopper by using Ice Oni virus

Zoro will lose control immediately, it's up to Sanji to stop him, Wich means it's the reverse of what Sanji asked Zoro to do earlier, Wich is the ironic writing Oda usually do

The ice Oni is a virus originally created to awaken and identify if someone have Oni lineage, its side effect being ice make it obvious, Onis are often linked to winter and ice, Eve. Zoro is often linked to the element

Kaido sense what happens and return, the son he thought was dead is here, "fate" is on his side, he no longer want to die, his true power awaken
As Hawkins predicted both Luffy and Zoro will be in critical condition for the next weeks.

Stop trying to find a magical way for Zoro to comeback again, Oda already used this card for his fight against King. Zoro could barely fight in Arlong Park and Sabondy due to his long lasting injuries, he has amazing endurance but doesn't recover fast.
Kaido and Mom could probably survive in lava if they were healthy and conscious but in their current states I don't see how they get out of the lava and if they do get out there's quite literally no possible way they would be in fighting shape. How would they even breathe? It's not like they can haki up to defend themselves while they're K.O'd. Do you think they can just straight up drink and suck magma down their nose?

It's over.
And even if they are awake I think the magma will have sea stone in it
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