Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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50 chapters of fighting and not even a day passed, how is he gonna fit 3 more days let alone of more fighting, aint gonna happen buddy
This is his decision. Luffy vs Katakuri was what? 12h? Way less chapters. And like I said he could easily offscreen most of fight just to last days and show us the important parts.
Oden is an endurance monster. Even though that somehow disappeared during his battle against Kaido. Oden was killed by a bullet which proves in the end he still has a normal body.

Kaido is in a worst situation but his durability doesn't disappear just because he's in his normal mode.

We still have to look at the possibility of Kaido having awakening. I believe there's a very strong possibility because he told us what awakening was. If he does have it that could help him recover.
Yeah I think durability is linked to your will in the one piece universe
I don't think Oden was as strong as those two now but I also believe that the situations seem to parallel eachother
Theres a big over all emphasize on fire and burning in this arc
To me I think one piece is pretty straightforward and not that subversive when it comes to the general plot
So when something like this is that emphized I take it as it's just goin be that way
As Hawkins predicted both Luffy and Zoro will be in critical condition for the next weeks.

Stop trying to find a magical way for Zoro to comeback again, Oda already used this card for his fight against King. Zoro could barely fight in Arlong Park and Sabondy due to his long lasting injuries, he has amazing endurance but doesn't recover fast.
The Ice Oni awaken the full potential for the one that get infected by it

Zoro is definitely returning, The Shinigami plotline is not finished, this is not about ZKK, this is just simple logic
Ur depending on oda knowing about the painting and then going in that exact direction to reference it
Idk just seems like u guys are stretching it and not prepping for the most likely conclusion
But I may be wrong

If big mom and kaido were healthy I'd agree I think they could survive but when's someone's will to fight is beaten in one piece they can be killed by mundane things
The health of your body and mind contribute to one's defense in this universe
Oda does seem to ve knowledgeable and different history, legends, and myths from around the world.

You are still overlooking Kaido and Big Mom durability. It won't just go away because they were defeated.

Who said they no longer have the will to fight. Kaido has lost seven other times so this is nothing new. Kaido could be disappointed because Luffy couldn't kill him like when the Scabbards failed to kill him.

We still have to look at the possibility of awakening. It would be very strange for two Yonko to be permanently defeated and never use awakening. Especially when one talked about awakening and told us what it is.
At least they're right about Kaido dying.:josad:
Tbf they treated any other ideas or theories about kaido dying as hate. Getting personally offended anytime it didn't involve zoro lol
Kaido dying has always been a theory since he first appeared

Im pretty sure people orginally thought it could be law that had to kill him because they thought kaido not dying was because of the ope fruit lol
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