Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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Kaido and Mom could probably survive in lava if they were healthy and conscious but in their current states I don't see how they get out of the lava and if they do get out there's quite literally no possible way they would be in fighting shape. How would they even breathe? It's not like they can haki up to defend themselves while they're K.O'd. Do you think they can just straight up drink and suck magma down their nose?

It's over.
So what you're saying is that Big Meme got cooked, her clothes obviously burned away and we can see her crispy ass?
This is how she looks in the chapter confirmed.
Oda is actually doing some justice with this chapter:

1. Luffy won with major help from the Alliance, which means Kaido is still the strongest creature.
2. Wano is ending, Kaido is finally defeated.
3. Luffy is the strongest alliance member with Law close behind.
4. Logia/elemental magma hype sets up nicely for Admirals to still be a threat
I have some thoughts for what it is

But Oda making Zoro in a critical condition even though the arc seems to be over and he even missed the final of Luffy fight, that's obviously a red flag and Oda is planning for something with Zoro

Like I said the reverse of What Sanji asked Zoro to do will happen
I think it’s Enma more than anything, It may even have a DF. It responded to music and has a distinct will of it’s own
Well the Straw Hats are probably going to be in Wano for 2 more weeks due to Hawkins prediction and Choppers goal to cure everybody. So now we have a reason why, Luffy and Zoro will be out for a while
I disagree since Oda is making a big deal out of it

Franky is in search for chopper so that he can save him in time, this is build up to a plotline, not some arc aftermath where chopper just do what he usually do

not to mention there's a thematic connection to Zoro and the Ice Oni virus, and there's build up to Zoro and Sanji stopping each other
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