Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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Basically. In the end Zoro did not overstep on his captain's fight. That's pretty much all I was saying.

But with the circumstance now that has Kaido underground, burning from magma, and with the potential that Oda pays homage to the famous Mt. Fuji/Dragon painting, anything is possible at this point.

The question is just how it's done or achieved IF it occurs. You won't see me argue against it anymore at least. Next few chapters are critical though, 1051 seems like it's gonna be heavily focused on how they deal with this underwater volcano and Wano's potential destruction (I assume Zunisha helps)
Katakuri killed people who saw his mouth , Doffy has nightmares when did they overcome their trauma?
Katakuri isn’t traumatized because of his appearance, he never cared that he looked different??? He covered his mouth because he wanted To be perfect in order to protect his family and he did that.

Doffy still rebuilt his family with people who trust him and who love him.

Again you can’t compare that to Kaido literally wanting to kill himself? Or Big Mom basically deleting her own memories.

They’re not awakened. Their Minds wouldn’t be able to control it.
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