Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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Honestly my biggest problem with zkk is people wanting zoro to overshadow luffy
The idea of kaido dying or being kill has never really bothered me. If zoro, law, linlin, or kid etc. Kill him i don't really see it as an issue in general

Tho at this point i dont want to see kaido still getting up and fighting for another 10 chapters
Like im more than ok with the fights being over lol
I don't even want zkk if it doesn't fully over shadow luffy


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Tbh there's no way the two just keep swimming in there forever.

Either they get killed by magma or get back up. The former is highly unlikely.
I think the BMP might show up and rescue, perhaps even the remaining Beast Pirates capable to rescue Kaido.

Unless Kaido awakens... but the author declared Luffy the winner so that would not make sense. 🧐
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