Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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Most people believe this won't have a resolution.

I've heard people saying that Zoro making a new scar was the payoff to this moment, but it isn't. Someone has to reopen the reopen the old scar, and Kaido has to acknowledge that a samurai stronger than Oden has appeared.
Kaido's old scar hasn't reopened.
Momonosuke in this chapter says its not yet time to open up Wano.

But kaido is finished they said :myman:
I honestly don't understand, do people really think Oda is going to make a main villain be forgotten in lava? and people still have the gall to say (Scotch cough cough) that Zkk is dead. As I see it, he's more alive than ever, Luffy is going to fall now and who else can handle a resurrecting Kaido? MOMONOSUKE LMAO? Zkk was strengthened in this chapter, not weakened as they say.


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As a (relatively) neutral party in all of this: what would make you concede that Oda fucked this up and it ain't happening, hypothetically? Would it be if nothing happens on 1051?
It would take Strawhats leaving Wano to convince me that it ain't happening.
So we are far from that. Y'all waited 4 years, you can wait a little bit longer too. :myman:
Keep coping:milaugh:

You'd make the bet if you really still believed:kata:
Dont be mad that your petty baits cant get me to play your games. :risitameh:
Oda lack of precision and clear narration is causing problems, leaving too much freedom and interpretation from us especially now with Wano arc importance, leading people to cope lol.
Kaido/Big Mom Awakening and others still being discussed is nonsense and the sad part is that both side can be wrong or true with their arguments.
I overestimated Oda, I actually thought about the possibility of Luffy losing an eye. But Oda's narrative ability is limited. Where was my head, waiting for Oda to take an eye out of Luffy when Oda couldn't even kill Kin'emon lmao.
Stop seeing Bruno Bandeira or any Brazil youtubers videos. Or any content creator.
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