Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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I've tried over the past couple of years debating rationally with the cult however in all my debates it always boils down to one thing. The ZKK cult has one agenda make Zoro stronger than Luffy.

Hell look at your avatar fanfiction or what.

Luffy fans don't need to overthink or make up narratives in their heads to justify any outcome of an arc as we know Luffy will always beat the main bad guy of any given arc.

You Zorocucks are on cope as your fanfiction is crumbling away right in front of your eyes.
I am so sick and tired of hearing that BS excuse. That's the same thing majority of you haters say because you don't have a argument against it. There's been plenty of threads and post that go into great detail explaining ZKK with manga facts supporting it. Those threads have absolutely nothing to do with character power ranking. I haven't seen any comprehensive post why ZKK can't happen.

In my earlier post I talked about how Zoro's plotline in Wano is not over because of the Grim reaper scene. You ignored it like the scene didn't even exist in the manga because you can't cope with the reality that Oda is not finish with Zoro's part in Wano.

Once you stop wanking Luffy so hard, read and comprehend the manga you will easily see the directions Oda is heading towards.
bruh Oda comes up with haki upgrades all the time.
Was CoA coating invented in marineford!?
True, True,

Even this no touch shennanigans was invented in the Oden flashback

Suddenly as soon as it's introduced, big mom uses it against Page One, and Kaido's spamming it.

Even though earlier in the arc when they clashed and split the skies they were touching just fine.
like shanks and whitebeard.
This forum is kinda funny tho. It’s the complete opposite of Reddit in my opinion. There are a lot of One Piece fans and HATERs that somehow truly believe the series is shit but they still read the spoilers weekly, and freak out by a simple hint that could literally mean 1000 different things. Nonetheless, I still love to see how passionate and/or egocentric people get on here when you question their own headcannons and theories. The drama is real. :cheers:
I actually love both reddit & worst gen
Both are good imo
But some zoro fans are very annoying here
And some fans are also very annoying on reddit
Cuz they think if you criticize the story It means you're not a real fan
And the truth is most users here are hardcore fans and love one piece
The problem is wano have been going on for 4 years
And people got tired from it
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