Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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he wasn‘t allowed to comeback atleast once after being unconscious,
Oh he came back conscious so many times after getting white eyed by scabards, by g4 gattling, in chapter 1037 etc.....you are talking about Luffy but unlike Luffy he didn't have any G4 time limit...so there is that...

that Luffy was fine and smiling instead of being unconscious aswell
you don't even know how much time has been passed since then...you are talking as if Luffy was smiling and conscious immediately after punch.....
He said of his like.
And Zoro replicated the feat.

This is not the correct argument to use to keep ZKK alive tbh
Bro, I'm on your side. Killer is also going to have a bigger role after the raid fails.:Dr.Killer:

This moment for Kid is also pending resolution, I believe that a lot of the focus that went to the scabbards during the raid will go to Kid and Killer in the coming conflict.
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