Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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Luffy has well above the human levels of vitality and has mythical zoan level of self healing.

His recovery time is small because his body is literally built different. Like Luffy is about to sleep for 2 weeks or so straight once the fight is fully over then the straw hats will leave.
So why was he dead and then about to die again when leaving g5. Now that he exerted himself beyond belief he isn't dying or near death at all? I guess your explanation makes sense that he recovered while almost dying and is no where near death anymore. Unless the leaker is being disingenuous there is not way around that fact.
Because luffy not getting overshadowed ever is one of the reasons why he is a such a pathetic protagonist

Even almighty Goku got overshadowed by Gohan, Sasuke overshadowed Naruto at times but Luffy is just pathetic
Well with Gohan, at least Gohan vs Cell was a thing. Zoro vs Kaido really wasn't. He participated on the roof battle, just like Kid, Law, and Killer. While Zoro obviously did more damage to kaido than the latter, he never fought kaido 1v1 for more than a second.

imo if ZKK really was going to happen, Oda should have just done Luffy vs Big Mom and Zoro vs kaido. But you cannot claim that its good writing for Oda to spend 40 chapters on Luffy vs kaido and then just magically have Zoro come in and save the day.
Well damn.. That's it I guess. Thought the clash would happen in front of everyone in the flower capital but guess not. I suppose the Samurai respecting Momo and the rest of the SHs is enough. Kind of wanted something like Dressrosa where Luffy defeated Doflamingo in front of everyone.


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I am more impressed with G5's defense tbh
- Tanked bladed wind attacks without putting up any haki defense. Them shit was slicing through rocks
- Tanked Ragnarok
- Tanked a wisdom king attack
- Tanked two boro breaths
- Tanked Kaido's digestive organs
- Tanked couple of Kaido's unnamed club attacks
- Tanked Kundali dragon swarm
Imagine what a freshly mastered g5 could do:steef:

Not as impressive as Kaido but still:moonwalk:
Luffy thought his friends and new family just died. His mind was all over the place
Luffys mind is always all over the place or does this guy look like he ever took the time to make a plan and carry it out? Luffy mindlessly storming into fights is a meme not matter the circumstances. That guy just doesn't learn. lol.
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