Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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This is why Oda shouldn't have involved BM in the arc and instead have the the captain trio vs Kaido with Luffy maybe unlocking COC coating at the very end.
Luffy still woud have room the grow as he would have just unlocked COC (so not used to it) coating and no awakening yet
It would not change the fact that Luffy would still be this strong and stronger at some point in the story.
I am more impressed with G5's defense tbh
- Tanked bladed wind attacks without putting up any haki defense. Them shit was slicing through rocks
- Tanked Ragnarok
- Tanked a wisdom king attack
- Tanked two boro breaths
- Tanked Kaido's digestive organs
- Tanked couple of Kaido's unnamed club attacks
- Tanked Kundali dragon swarm
Imagine what a freshly mastered g5 could do:steef:

Not as impressive as Kaido but still:moonwalk:
And remember that his finisher attack most likely was weakened as well because of the damage but still able to knock Kaidou down

Similar as Zoro's Ashura was only at 10 % against Kaidou
I think kaido and big mom, after getting petrified in magma, are going to end up in the hands of Teach.

He'll have Moria steal their shadows and give them to his crew. Imagine Shiryu with Kaido's shadow.
Nightmare mode Titanic Captains, honestly they would gain the fighting capabilities of Kaido and BM combined but to a lesser extended divided by 10, and with each commander defeated the shadow transfers to the other one making the next fight more difficult for the one who fight that certain individual
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