Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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timeskip means around the world chapters soon :steef:
The one this chapter is just a quick one to get everyone where they need to be (Luffy in bandages, the scabbards in the capital). We'll get the real one though once this Volcano thing probably is averted/ends.

I'm guessing 2-3 more chapters after this one, then Act 3 actually ends. I like the idea that Act 4 is solely the big party and revelations (Yamato flashback, Road Poneglyph, Etc) and Act 5 is the "swift" climax. Basically 5-10 chapters each at most.
It would take Strawhats leaving Wano to convince me that it ain't happening.
So we are far from that. Y'all waited 4 years, you can wait a little bit longer too. :myman:

Dont be mad that your petty baits cant get me to play your games. :risitameh:
After baiting about ZKK all this time:gokulaugh:

But if I'm baiting then why are you responding to me? Maybe because you know I'm right. Any other week you would be calling me names, shoving ZKK down my throat, and calling me a Luffy/Sanji wanker. Gee, I wonder why it's different this week:kailaugh:
I overestimated Oda, I actually thought about the possibility of Luffy losing an eye. But Oda's narrative ability is limited. Where was my head, waiting for Oda to take an eye out of Luffy when Oda couldn't even kill Kin'emon lmao.
Luffys eye explodes 10 minutes after kaido hits him in the back with a club. Makes sense that a guy w blunt weapon will knock luffys eye out of his head like a golf ball
Not open for further replies.