Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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The Scabbards didn't even get their revenge properly. Gonna spend the rest of their mserable lives living vicariously through Luffy talking about "Tell us about the part where you hit him with you finisher again LuFfY DoNo":luffyswat:
Normal OP fan : Wano is finally over, now time to look forward to better and bigger things

Morjtwitter and Kaidotards : NOOOOOOOO Kaido get BACK UPPPPPP give us ACT 4 AND 5 !!!! 50 MORE CHAPTERS PLZZZZZZ
For real, Wano has been a long drag and everything going on outside Wano is 100x more interesting (Blackbeard, SSG, Shanks, Mihawk on the move)

We don't need more Wano
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