Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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I swear they be making these new finals in factories :risicheck:
Have you decided where your feet land on either side of the ZKK divide among our community?
Oh don't get me wrong, I think Sanji is Gaimon level! Queen only lost because he was distracted By Zoro's ass while he fouth King.
Gaimon has higher AP and charm than Sanji, the Vinsmoke name is a stain on every plane of existence
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I am fascinated by the inner machinations of those who advance robotics and engineering ever further into the wild blue yonder, they will push us all into understanding that Zoro and ZKK are the only things quantumally expressive
Luffy is still overrated af, that's just the truth. After Yamato Kaido was weakened to a point where his flame clouds weakened while Luffy ate and let's be honest that basically means he recovered completely.

Then Luffy fought Kaido for an entire round, lost again AND then he defeated him.

Luffy is potentially Top 5 material but definitely not in the Top 3.
Kaido is a better source to say what Luffy is instead of a Ladmiral stan whos fav gon neg diffed by Wuffy. So enjoy until Luffy bajrang guns your fav. Kaido was damaged by Luffy before he fell, Yamato just held until Luffy came but being a Ladmiralboi you surely confabulate events in manga with your headcannon. The only overrated goons are Ladmirals whom all will get bajrang ganned to death. Also no admiral would ever do 10% damage to Waido of what Wuffy has done so wait till your fav gets dropped to the bottom of the OP world.
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