Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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Brook is with Franky in some page.
and no, its 7 scabbards without Kiku & Kinemon.
Yeah I found Brook, but look closely at the silhouettes. Ashura Doji is around the same height as the Dukes, but only two silhouettes are seen of that height (clearly belonging to the Dukes). There's also a silhouette on Hiyori's left that can't belong to any of Kin'emon, Kiku (those two are with Usopp) or Izo, since he's not that tall. There's also a round-looking silhouette besides Raizo that looks like a perfect fit for Shinobu.
Zoro : I will kill kaido like fans say

Akainu: Ahem , I am your true grim reaper master . You couldn’t defeat goofy grim reaper in your area . Next time, kill luffy after he gain one piece . Don’t disappointment me . Did you kill off king and make sure he is dead ?

Zoro: ummm. Maybe ? Is mr.go guy dead?

Akainu: never mind , I will deal luffy myself since two Yonko went to hell.


I don't tip.
Filler yonko having 10 years build up , biggest arcs

You guys really don't know much
Shanks won't even get more than 30 chapters arc if he gets one even
The only real important thing about Kaido and BM in the grand scheme of the narrative, is the fact that each of them holds a Road Poneglyph.
Shanks exists from the beginning and Im had BB's bounty alongside Luffy's.
These two are way, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more important than kaido and BM.
Kaido got the luck of being the first Yonko to be taken down, so Oda needed to capitalize on the hype. Nothing more than that.
Search your feelings. You know it to be true.
Lol cope hard
G4 vs kaido lasted 20 min at least
Then add G5 vs Kaido which lasted 5-15 min

BM been down in lava for 30 min at least

Even that 15 min you say still tells you AKAINU needs to bath healthy BM for more than 15 min with island level attacks /Nuke level attacks to have a chance of winning
G4 vs Kaido did not last 20 minutes wtf are you on.
Luffy already had depleted a lot of his haki long before he went g4

You're the one coping lmfao

Wano is literally namek, time is SLOWED DOWN as fuck

In chapter 1027 Yamato said they would reach the capital in 5 MINUTES

And you're telling me there's 45 MINUTES between 1040 and 1050? :kobeha: :kobeha: :kobeha:
Fun fact
Linlin been inside lava for the past 45-60 min
She was sent down before luffy used g4 vs Kaido! And g4 vs kaido lasted 20-30 min then we had break then g5 vs Kaido lasted about 10-15 min

:josad:imagine she's not dead
Didn't even melt after spending 30+ min in lava after being hit by Nukes + Kid & law attacks
nope man , it seems it depends on how much haki Luffy uses when he is using it. he lost it immediately after using the gatling for example and he was fighting Kaido obviously he was using max haki so it is more like 15 minutes.
either way her body still looks intact, maybe she and Kaido will be erupted along magma somewhere :D

Jew D. Boy

I Can Go Lower
Ignoring the dumb insulting clown @Outlaw
@Jew D. Boy Do you seriously believe Yamao catching Luffy from sky is a point toward her joining? Like that matters at all. Rebecca caught Luffy after Doflamingo fight but in the end Rebecca wasn't joining. You can believe she is joining but catching fainted Luffy isn't a favor for her joining.
I do, but as I’ve explained to you a thousand fucking times, it’s not just this thing or any other individual occurrence so much as the interactions she’s had with Luffy (not to mention his deceased brother) and the way she held off a fucking Yonko until he was back to fighting strength, something we both know a) the sentient dildo can absolutely use on his crew and b) Rebecca could have never, EVER done. As usual, your arguments are little more than “I think she’s an arc princess solely because I personally dislike her,” so if that’s all you’ve got, I think we’re done for now.
Zoro plotline still isn't over?! Since some fans keep telling me Wano is over why continue that plotline if it's pointless. I guess Oda didn't get the memo form the fans who know more about One Piece than him.

Instead of showing Big Mom and more importantly Kaido burning to death in the magma. Having Kaido smile and comment that he's going to boil to death like Oden he shows us silhouettes of them in the magam. Then showed a giant explosion of magma, black smoke, and lightning. Why is Oda drawing all those pointless scenes since it's over.

Momo chose to not open up the borders. Why? I thought the whole point was open up the borders. Joyboy defeat Kaido so open up the borders for Joyboy.

It's almost like he's waiting for more to occur in Wano before he can open up the borders.
ZKK was never dead. This was only the beginning.
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