Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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Yamato with own crew and becoming a future yonko > yamato joining the strawhats having to fight for relevance and screen time + playing second fiddle to zoro and sanji
Yamato struggling for fight relevance and screen time but still being there helping the brother of her dead friend, aka joyboy, and going to laugh tale to learn the final piece of Oden's plan and history>>>getting a random crew, vanishing from the story completely and not accomplishing anything that matters :jordanmf:
You know I won’t forgive any ZKK fan for what they did to me; they have to write a formal apology and Morj has to get on all 4s and prostrate himself in front of the camera and beg for forgiveness from the Luffy fans; personally I will never forgive them for disrespecting our chad MC

Shimotsuki Ghostly

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The people saying Kaido is dead are the same ones who say Luffy doesn't kill his opponents.
Let's not dance around it...

If Kaido is dead, then Luffy is the one who is responsible for his death.
If Kaido is not dead, then Luffy is not a murderer.
That's something I really wanted to point out too.

The ramifications from this arc are gonna be like nothing else in the story so far.
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