Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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Oda said it would surpass Marineford, not even close..
It depends in what sense you are implying it.

Marineford is an overhyped arc anyway, BB gaining 2 df's and Ace/WB death are the key moments.

In the sense of impactinf the future? So will this arc then as two Emperors are defeated.
Luffy made a hole even after surpassing Kaidou's CoC Genkidama with his own.

But Law made a hole without CoC, and the hole even made further destruction cracks to other areas. Props to Law, he's undoubtedly the second most powerful in the alliance.
Law had the advantage of nuke falling too but nonetheless his Puncture Shock Willie is one of the best I have seen. His df is Goated.
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