Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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Marineford-chwan :milaugh:

I don't understand why people keep saying Oda was referencing the final war arc about "marineford being cute"? The context was about Whitebeard and Wano. Oda didn't mention anything about the final war arc in that quote and yet people like Greg keeps saying "He said the final arc will do that." but that quote never said anything about "final war arc".
Excuses, story telling of the 2 arcs don't even compare..
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No he wasn't.. lt was an interview about Wano..
Eh, the structure of the two is too different to really be compared, Marineford was a rescue arc with a war as its setting while Wano's climax is actually about the war itself, its pretty much like apples and oranges, so I can see why to Oda Wano is greater since we actually got to see the war going down
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