Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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-As Yamato runs to help Luffy as he falls from the sky, we see the narrator update the situation of the Wanokuni battle. Kaidou was the winner of the battle on the roof, but...
- "Wanokuni, Decisive Battle in the Skies. Winner: Straw Hat Luffy"
SO we have a battle at rooftop and then in skies.

can we expect another battle?
Yes, Oda is rushing Wano now and going to end the arc with Zoro half dead and now he won't visit Ryuuma's grave or black blade Enma in Wano
Bigger problem is Zoro's potential backstory/lineage is going to get shoehorned at the end here when it doesn't really feel like it matters anymore. Who cares if Zoro is a Shimotsuki at this point, nothing interesting is going to come from it. And I doubt anyone in Wano will even know.
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