Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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Kaido's RP is underneath Wano where the mines were
Maybe Linlin found it and took it then dipp3d

Coz if Kaido's RP was on onigashima r flower capital or Udon, we would have known by now.

Omg imagine wherever Kaido lands he lands like he did in his first appearance and tries to kill himself but this time he actually kills himself

“A man has found a place to die”
I didn't even think about MOMO having the voice of all things and therefore FACTUALLY knowing that Laido is GONE :kobeha:
@Swallalala What do you have to say swaLLaLA :kobeha:
you don't get it Kaido is taking a small break with this hot bath, oda is totally going to make Wano next shogun an incompetent fool who doesn't know what he's talking about by announcing fake news to his subjects. Kaido will come back awakened at full health next chapter you dumb admiraltard.
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