Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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You can't win
Dat moment when Apoo the snitch outlasted Drake :josad:

By the way I find it curious that Oda kept him active until the end. Wouldn't surprise me if he is working for someone else

After all his entire theme has always been to backstab from the Kid alliance, to wanting to team up with either Drake or Yamato to try to get away

But we know it's not the world government, so maybe he is working for Blackbeard:memehm:
...you saying Blazing Bagua's accumulated and sustained fire Susanoo is less hot than Boro Breath...
No, YOURE saying that.

Sasuke can make a Susano’o, but getting punched by one will still hurt him. Why is this hard to understand.

Kaido can make heat, but that doesn’t mean heat can’t hurt him. I can’t believe how stupid the other reasoning is
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