Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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And now he is facing x2 of everything. A drug no one would take usually.

1) becoming a mummy is a L ? So I guess everyone covered up with bandages took a L.
2) to get a nerfed sword. Zoro is kind, he rather be nerfed than wrecking everyone. So kind of him.
3) he passed out because he couldn't fart for 2 weeks and suddenly everything came out, so he slept with hapiness.

Where is the L ? Expect more from a reddit boy.

1.Being Mummy is an L. Especially when the war is still on going. ANd most especially when joining a fight that he can't finish.
2. To get a nerfed sword. Sword is the most important thing to a swordsman. To have it stolen should be a disgrace especially if it was given to him for free. lol What does being kind have to do with that? lol
3. He passed out because he was not strong enough to withstand the fight. Even he admitted that when he woke up. lol
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