Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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Can't see what would logically change here, Kaido is unconscious in his most vulnerable state. If he doesn't die to lava it proves how weak it is as an ability and if he does well it just what is expected when someone dives in a Volcano being unconscious and with his body on the weakest state.
Kaido dying in a heat based way is a giant F U to Zoro fans who said Sanji couldnt hurt him lmao.
Except that magma is much more lethal due to being a viscous material. Akainu was blowing holes in high and top tiers, Sanji only superficially burned Queen.
People are acting as if this is fresh Kaido on the lava bath lol
Kaido's state should not affect the durability of his body. Plus, Akainu's attacks are not simply pouring magma on you but propelling magma fists through you with muscular force.
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