Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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Except that magma is much more lethal due to being a viscous material. Akainu was blowing holes in high and top tiers, Sanji only superficially burned Queen.

Kaido's state should not affect the durability of his body. Plus, Akainu's attacks are not simply pouring magma on you but propelling magma fists through you with muscular force.
The only reason Luffy was able to land Bajrang Gun is because Ryou with AdvCoC need not make contact. Which bypassed the barrier and overcame the haki shield of Kaido. If Kaido used haki, there is every chance that Akainus fistwouldnt touch him, then Akainu would need greater haki to overwhelm him. The great tiers you say were unable to use the haki barrier. Ace had to save Luffy so he didn't have time, Jimbei didn't have the haki to overpower Akainu and WB had less time and no reason to stop because he was dying. So if the top tiers use haki, Akainu and his muscular force can be stopped.
It's stated cope. Woden tanked your mere magma monsieur Akainator. Big Mom has been there for minutes and she's not dead. Now if you really think the most durable character is dying this way you need medical care attention. :kuzanshut:
1. Can't prove this is Big Mom and not Kaido's coat
2. Can't prove Big Mom is alive if it is her
3. Can't prove Oden's oil is as hot as magma
4. Can't prove that a fucking VOLCANIC ERUPTION is comparable to Oden bathing in oil even if it is somehow as hot as magma

Stop coping MnZ
I don't know about wasting panel. Same hole, of course. Big Mom's body has already been under the magma chamber long before Kaido.

If Kaido's clothes burned the moment it touches magma, then it follows Big Mom should have been floating naked. If that is her body, it means she has been floating around like ± 30 minutes before Kaido, before Luffy turns G5. Her body, should has already been pulverised by magma (unless her body is magma-proof). Indicating the silhouette is just her chunk of body left after being consumed by lava (which is brutal). Why is the silhouette just her part of body, not whole? Because in the silhouette, Big Mom's body appears lower in height than Kaido's. While Kaido's height (710cm) should have been lower than Big Mom's (880cm) in actual. This is, if the silhouette is Big Mom.

You might say there is her feet and her right hand. But in the middle of her feet there should have been no clothes left. If it is indeed Big Mom's body, her clothes should have been gone, just like Kaido's coat.. But in the silhouette it indicates her Wano clothes are still intact (if she is not naked, it appears in the middle of her feet there is her Wano kimono), meanwhile Kaido's coat and clothes is gone. The logic doesn't follow from Big Mom's to Kaido's clothes.

This is the shape of Big Mom, for clarity I include it here. In the silhouette her head is gone, only a right hand and her feet pop out. Remember her height is 880-710=170 cm higher than Kaido.
We can't see nothing like that.
I was fascinated by video games and that’s why I like shonens that gives the feel of rpgs and adventure genres; one of the reasons why I dislike HxH is because there’s no “boss battles” at the end of the arc
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