Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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If logias can't mix haki with their elements that's a massive blow to the credibility of Logia fruits. Sure it works on scrubs, but anyone decent can use haki
ah yes, like Oda is always right drawing characters and locations sizes in the manga

he never gets them wrong

If it is indeed Big Mom, her head is gone, then. Notice her head doesn't pop out, if you look closely. Her Wano kimono and clothes are also gone. Does the silhouette indicate you it is Big Mom's naked body? Compare it with Kaido's silhouette, Oda made it detailed with one of his horn broken. Now, compare the silhouette beside Kaido with Big Mom's actual appearance.

Of course Oda can draw it wrong, but the silhouette of Kaido's is detailed and the Red Scabbards silhouette are also detailed in this chapter.
Scared? Not sending your army to a country with unknown forces = scared? Are you serious?
This is literally what being scared means.
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Incorrect, Akainu doesn’t know how strong the Wano samurai even are lol.

And if Kaido dies by magma, why should Akainu fear some samurai who Kaido subjugated? Lol
This is the definition of being scared. You fear what you don't know.
The only reason Luffy was able to land Bajrang Gun is because Ryou with AdvCoC need not make contact. Which bypassed the barrier and overcame the haki shield of Kaido. If Kaido used haki, there is every chance that Akainus fistwouldnt touch him, then Akainu would need greater haki to overwhelm him. The great tiers you say were unable to use the haki barrier. Ace had to save Luffy so he didn't have time, Jimbei didn't have the haki to overpower Akainu and WB had less time and no reason to stop because he was dying. So if the top tiers use haki, Akainu and his muscular force can be stopped.
Sure, you can block everything with Haki. But you can't do it forever, hence comparing attacks when they land cleanly.

As for Kaido taking a bath in magma; we will need confirmation of his state in the next chapter(s). I still stick to ZKK, but in case he becomes soup, we talking about Wakainu here.

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