Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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No “nth member” title, no“Luffy vs Kaido” title, no attack with the final wisdom king name, he definitely like to end a trend
Though I don’t think having readers found out what’s going to happen is a bad thing, usually it’s because you’ve placed enough hints/clues and they’re logical enough to be connected, one should be proud of that
I’m very sick of subverted expectations
Jinbe will get his “th member” title like Franky and Usopp did post battle
None of this is combat feat

We know Akain in combat has failed to kill anyone he fought! Despite landing attacks

Unless you want to believe Curiel > Kaido in durability/endurance since he survived Magma bath wihout even being fatally wounded
What in the living fuck are u talking about ?

Akainu was literally stated in the fucking manga to having allowed Aokiji to live after beating him down and crippling him to a point where he couldn't even stand.

Akainu is the only character in OP to continously severely injure all the oponnents he has faced in battle. The fact that you're taking a fodder like Curiel to prove your point shows what a creditless toxic poster you are.
The next time argue with facts if you have nothing to back your delusional thoughts up.

Akainu allowing Kuzan to live:

Turning WB into a corpse:

Nearly killing Luffy and Jinbe:

And he did all that in less than 30 chapters clown. BM and Kaido have both approximately 300 chapters of panel time or more, who tf did these two manage to severely wound huh?
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