Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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Well the first arc doesn’t has a final boss, the second arc didn’t end with an epic fight against Kurolo, only greed island had a boss battle which is why it’s my favorite arc in hunter x hunter and finally Chimera ant arc had Meruem but he never interacted with the main characters and they were not involved in a fight against him. Also the power system in Hunter makes it so difficult for epic match ups to accur it’s very confusing and details can be forgotten easily and there’s a clear limit to characters that they can never overcome no matter how much they train
First arc has the Hisoka stealing card situation and tournament where Gon had his arm broken. But yeah not really a Boss.

Phantom Troupe Arc does had a Boss Battle. Kurapika and strong guy I forgot name.

Power System is complicate sometimes but other times are way easier to understand.
Gon and Killua has easy abilities to understand. Kurapika is more difficult.
What we learn by Gon and Killua that you can get stronger with Nen by training to increase and training to control better. By Gon and Kurapika we also learn there are ways to boost your Nen and overcome your limits.
He came back after a year and is acting like he’s the Shogun of the flower capital. This fan base deadarse forgave Oda for not showing him for 45 chapters
Man he was so cool when he was under orochi...shit sucks lol
Even against kaido he didn't get a moment if his own
Feels like there's a really easy twist for Denjiro that Oda can do to kinda save his character and that's him wanting to see Hiyori on the shogunate throne instead of Momo
Idk if it'll make me like him as much again but i would love shogun hiyori
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