Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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It’s finally over, our 10 years fight against ZKK fight is finally over :cheers::myman::kayneshrug::kata::endthis:

@Finalbeta @Finalalpha @nik87 @The White Crane @HA001 @Money D Malio @Lor D. Coast and many more you guys have been worthy opponents and I will never forget our honorable battle

You have my thanks but now that ZKK is dead I offer my condolences to you and I will make an official thread to mock…I..I mean to formally express my gratitude
Another premature celebrator lmao. Not reading that garbage son, enjoy this "win" :gokulaugh:

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Bruh I don't even care much for Oden kids but come on, he can draw 12562 panels of fodders every chapter but can't draw this? :nicagesmile:
I can’t give less fuck about the flame clouds subplot but am still mad at how badly it was butchered, it was given screen time here and there throughout dozens of chapters only to end in three panels of him shouting and it randomly came out
It was supposed to be this big moment of growth for Momo and people thought he’s going to mirror Oden with it
And now the long awaited reunion is skipped, yeah sure “it’ll be shown next chapter”, but there’s literally no reasons to rush over those stuffs this chapter aside from a “badass” cliffhanger
Yamato destroys Law in a one-on-one. Don't confuse hax with actual raw fighting skills. Law canonically didn't last five seconds against Kaido.
You just love being wrong don’t you?
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There are 8/9 shadowy figures on Momo as he’s riding there though
Oh shit you’re right lol

maybe it will be a Kinemon Momo situation where the actual human form reunion is touching
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