Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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Blackbeard has 2 maybe even 3 fruits which no one else in the story ever can do. He's an exception

Big mom is an acoc user and got embarrassed when she didn't use it
Blackbeard is still an example of how powerful devil fruits are

As for big mom she definitely used it, kidd and law even got knocked out, it happened off screen the anime will clear this up

Also kaido himself is an example of how haki isn't that necessary, his strongest attack is completely based on his devil fruit
Law got blitzed by Hybrid Kaidou's Thunder Bagua while Yamato literally matched it pound for pound in terms of speed. And also reactions, when she put up her Mirror Mountain to barely block it partially. And that's without Future Sight.

The difference in 1v1 skill is so obvious.
She didn’t match it, she got overwhelmed. She pointed it out
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