Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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Advanced armament and conquerors are literally the same technique. Using the haki to either through emission or internal destruction

Aint nobody automatically put someone with advanced armament above everything without it but for some reason unless you can do the same with conquerors coc means nothing


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Neckbeard is still an example of how powerful devil fruits are

As for big mom she definitely used it, kidd and law even got knocked out, it happened off screen the anime will clear this up

Also kaido himself is an example of how haki isn't that necessary, his strongest attack is completely based on his devil fruit
No he's not he's an example of how powerful MULTIPLE fruits are
If meme didn't have acoc she wouldn't be a yonko
So Kaido can no longer fly his Dragon mode? Wow. Imagine taking away a dragon main power just to push an agenda. It's post like this that shows everybody why anti-ZKK cult are so delusional. They go against the manga.

Why is Zoro still unconscious and haven't receive medical service yet. Franky just finished running around with Zoro. Luffy already received medical service and is resting.

We know characters lose and regain consciousness all the time in One Piece. Why is Oda making such a big deal about Zoro being unconscious if it means nothing? Why continue to push that plot line if it doesn't mean anything? Why not give Zoro medical service, have him wake up and move on?

Those are the questions you don't want to ask because you're scared of the answer.

This post contains zero critical thinking skills as well.

Luffy can magically return even though he should be completely drained of energy. Let me guess, Luffy dreaming about his friends cause his heart to beat faster which instantly recovers him allowing him to return to the battlefield as strong as Big Mom and Kaido combined. When Oda can change your DF from one type to another anything is possible right? Except for Zoro regaining consciousness, that's not possible.

These are things
Which have to happen for making zkk possible shithead
And don't you think these are too much

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Kaido without using his drunken forms or his dragon powers that were his aces in his fight against Luffy…
We aren't talking about Luffy though. Kaido blitzed Law without using those so I don't see why it makes a difference. Also, non-Drunken mode Kaido fought G5 Luffy for the most part.

No he doesn’t, he had his room up when using the R-Room as seen by his cut of Misery
No, he doesn't have Room when using awakening; that's why he jumps to reach Big Mom instead of just teleporting. He cut Misery with a regular slash.
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