Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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Kitetsu Wanker
If I were a mod I'd threadban you for every time you say rupee
Your responses have gotten weak Lik.

It's like shooting fish in a barrel knowing you have nothing going for you in this fight.

Accept the better man won and you will be released from your bitterness from God Luffy I will see to it

Thats funny coming from Lik. :risitameh:
The triggered quartet. Dont mind me Rupees, go on with your delusions.
Your days are numbered anyway. You cannot stop ZKK. :zosmug:
Dat moment when Apoo the snitch outlasted Drake :josad:

By the way I find it curious that Oda kept him active until the end. Wouldn't surprise me if he is working for someone else

After all his entire theme has always been to backstab from the Kid alliance, to wanting to team up with either Drake or Yamato to try to get away

But we know it's not the world government, so maybe he is working for Blackbeard:memehm:
Dat moment you really thought Drake will still be relevant and better after all the L's he took :kobeha:he also outlasted big mom and kaido :steef::moonwalk::blobdj::pepapoo:


The Rogue Prince
Kaido blitzed avdCOC g4 Luffy and then G5 a few times on the rooftop, does it mean Yamato blitz + one shot Luffy?:quest:
If anyone said she blitzes and one shots Law then they are on crack lol. At best if everything goes her way and she manages to not be hit by a single Shock Wille, she high diffs. A couple of Shock Willes cripples her though, don't get it twisted.


Arabian Shanksu
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