Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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ZKK is happening guys, do you really think that Kaido will die because of lava ?
big mom has been in lava for 30 minutes and is fine and saved by smoothie, kaido died instantly when he touched the lava even though he was inside of a lava dragon 30 seconds before he got punched into more lava.

this is what 2 piece readers actually believe

The abilities in this last arc has been very difficult to follow, lots of OP people that has strange abilities impossible to defeat almost invincible(I mean the prices of the Kakin empire are so OP), and most characters have limits they can’t surpass by training like Kurapika and the chain thing which is really shitty
Kurapika chain thing is literally what surpasses his limits.

But this last arc was exactly where I dropped. In one single page Kurapika lost idk 10 years of life without me understanding why.
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