Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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Kaido tried to kill himself all his life without ever succeeding but lava will succeed in killing him? (knowing that in the previous chapter he had covered his body in lava)

All the inhabitants of wano are there, we are in the capital and you really think that Kaido is not going to come back ?
Its hilarious how so many people think a lava bender is defeated by lava omg
Imagine orochi gets up to get his head cut off by not zoro again
Sadly i can
With how little zoro interact with anyone in wano it kinda sucks
Oda really had
  1. Denjiro beat orochi and save hiyori
    1. Zoro not interacting with any of them post act 2
  2. Luffy have a yasui flashback
    1. Zoro not even mentioning his name
  3. Luffy carry the wait of wano and its samurai on his back
    1. Zoro interact with non of them really out side of kikus arm or the ones that helped him against the gifters
  4. Joyboy be the one fated to beat kaido and save wano
    1. No one really caring about ryuma at all in the present
  5. Yamato being a big luffy fanboy
    1. Yamato not carrying enough to meet up with zoro even tho they probably realize how similar he looks to ushimaru
      1. Not even ushimarus fox carrying enough to say anything
  6. Hell momo is probably the samurai kaido was waiting for. Being odens son, having the voice all things, being a part of the most important clan in wano, the future shogun, and able to talk to zunesha
    1. Zoro will at least get a blackblade tho and hopefully someone tells him about ushimaru and ryuma
Kaido is going to burst out of the ground with his new triple headed dragon awakening form that has blast breaths that are planet level, then Zoro will awaken with BOTH of his eyes open, he'll move so fast that he teleports behind kaido and beheads all three of kaido's heads at the same time

Next week this happens but if not then the week after that and if not then either, the week after that
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