Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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Headcannon. Were cuffs that weakened her and prevent her from transforming.
That is impossible. Yamato had the handcuffs on BEFORE eating the fruit, yet Kaido's men were able to recognize her on sight in full zoan form. This means that they had seen Yamato before.
If sea stone doesn't stop you from using Haki, since she fought ace, or using your DF powers, can it really be called sea stone? The voivre card was simply wrong on that point, and mistakes happen in ever manga volume so for the moron who's going to say "mistakes mean not canon", Zoro vs Killer is non canon because that fight has mistakes.
What ? Lol this arc actually showed to everyone that zoro fans were right in lots of things.

Except Zkk which is a theory.
Powerscale wise ? We were saying Zoro will one shot most of the SN. Two got one shotted and Hawkins was lucky to have his dolls.
We were saying zoro can cut kaido, indeed happened.
We were saying Zoro will fight against Kaido, happened.
We were saying zoro is able to give and open a scar to Kaido, happened.
We were saying Zoro is capable to kill Kaido, was going to happen if Kaido didn't dodge.
We were saying Zoro has COC, happened.
We were saying Zoro will have his 1 vs 1 even after rooftop, happened.

Zoro literally shined the most when he was next to the so called monster trio of SN lmao. And even faced Hakai when others were clueless.

So yeah actually, we were right about everything.
So don't know where we are broken. Maybe the powerscalers who want ZKK for their dignity and think it's necessary or they will drop OP.
Others like me want ZKK for the hints, its significance, samurai land and parallel with Ryuma.

So really nothing to be broken.
ZKK is (still) upon us all. :finally:
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