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Retardism =/= Criticism. And you who think that anyone like anything in the chapter that critics/retards don't like are Oda dickriders tells about you so called critic/retarded breed. If people who like anything you don't like are Oda cocksuckers then you people are retarded cucks that got NTRed by Oda.
We literally got more Tama flashback than Kaido flashback yet y’all are defending this pure horse-shit.

Fucking autistic retard.
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Shimotsukis are dying. They need someone who will bring back their former glory. And now that theres a dragon in wano then slaying another dragon like what ryuma did will revive the clan.
You know what, until we leave Wano for good I'll just completely shut my brain off and enjoy every chapter in a vacuum.
I spent too much time shitting on it with all you ingrates. Might as well forcefully enjoy it a bit
I don't see any possibility of ZKK,

Kaido wakes up again. Over Wano, people panic again? Even if you want to kill Kaido, it should be done by Momo. His speech has just ended, and then let an outsider save Wano again?

Put aside the ridiculous reasons. We're going to the next destination
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