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I don't see any possibility of ZKK,

Kaido wakes up again. Over Wano, people panic again? Even if you want to kill Kaido, it should be done by Momo. His speech has just ended, and then let an outsider save Wano again?

Put aside the ridiculous reasons. We're going to the next destination
momo who admitted he isnt strong in this chapter. cope more. the entire point of zoro in wano is that hes an outsider who is also a samurai
Needed for the plot?


Able to save an arc that already had been driven against a wall?

i agree with the second one as well, act - 1 has too many pointless subplots like sumo match, otama kiddnapping, etc. While in act 2 fight felt lacking in impacts except luffy & kaido. Major letdown was big mom defeat, nami & ussop being useless till end.
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