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I don't see any possibility of ZKK,

Kaido wakes up again. Over Wano, people panic again? Even if you want to kill Kaido, it should be done by Momo. His speech has just ended, and then let an outsider save Wano again?

Put aside the ridiculous reasons. We're going to the next destination
LOL. momo killing is worse than zkk. A side character killing the main villain? What kind of shit writing is that?

And theres a reason why too many plots not yet resolved then not even a kaido flashback. Coz where just entering the most exciting part. The part where the fights have an audience and its livestreamed. Theres just no way that a fight with 2 yonkos wont be livestreamed to the world. And this is where zkk happens.

Yamato has joined the strawhats so Now the prophecy is complete, luffy is the dawn then zoro is the moon who wasnt aware of the dawn coz he was unconscious when luffy became nika. Then he will cast 9 shadows(8 strawhats + yamato).
Because the Kozukis are the ruling family of Wano.
And the Shimotsukis aren't and have never been.
What? Ryuma is the sword god. His shusui is considered a national treasure. They were the kozukis during his time. Its just that theres no more strong members as of now that they were surpassed by the kozukis. And thats why zkk has to happen to bring back their former glory
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