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The Hawkins reveal was nice and a fitting conclusion to his character. A man that always stuck to a pre-determind fate, ended up embarassed and humiliated once his peers went against their own similar fates and were succeeding in defying them yet he remains allied to the Beast Pirates, knowing full well that it'll lead to his demise since he'd rather take that than shame himself further. Drake's a pretty good character too and I hope he improves in the future as a Sword Captain.

Izou was a boss till he died (though his death being confirmed way later was disappointing). Same for Ashura Doji except he wasn't cool. So for me, deaths in Wano were a mixed bag. Guys like Hawkins and Bowler Hat actually benefitted from them but Izou's and Ashura's were kinda underwhelming. RIP Izou and Hawkins.

I feel bad for Marco. Man has such a unique and cool ability yet he keeps losing his family while he always survives. Real shame.

Luffy being acknowledged by the people of Wano is nice (though I guess it's not surprising they're referring to him as Joyboy). To be honest, I don't see how Zoro lost his parallel with Ryuuma, the way some people claim. It's still there, Luffy simply made himself a legendary hero and figure amongst the people, comparable to Ryuuma. Ryuuma's still likely a goal Zoro will surpass (I don't see why Zoro won't surpass him given Kawamatsu's comparison of Zoro, Ryuuma and Ushimaru) though I understand the frustration of people who wanted Zoro to do that this arc and be renowned for it.

Zoro and Sanji moments are always great. Zoro remembering Sanji's wish to kill him if things went south for him maintaining his emotions and Zoro claiming he came back from hell just for that. Hopefully that's explored more soon (atleast an explanation). Always funny seeing them fight but it's nice like in chapter like these when Oda reminds us that they actually care for each other in their own way.

Can't wait for the bounties and the news on stuff outside Wano. Kid and Law are probably the new Yonko since the 2 Emperors falling seems to be some of the biggest news (though the Warlord stuff will be given ab update so we'll see).Ryokugyu's boss as expected, carefree and unworried about his boss' cautiousness while he's approaching Wano. Hopefully he has a huge display of his abilities soon.

Definitely a chapter that got me hyped. I can definitely sympathise with people that expected much more from the arc but I'm ready to see what's ahead.