What will Greenbull’s Devil fruit be?

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I mean does ir really matter what Grenbull is going to do in Wano?

We already got spoiled by the narrator that Momo succesfully becomes the "great Shogun of Wano" in the future. So even if they attempt a BC nothing is going to happen.

Knowing Oda we'll probably get something next chapter that'll destroy any sense of tension.
It so hard to take deaths seriously when people be somehow living through the most ridiculous ass shit
This arc included

Tho i guess that's always been an extremely bad issue
Even in marineford that bitch in green with the bucket hat and gun somehow lived but not ace
Death is so annoying in this series

At least Hawkins is alive...
Because we have no actual fear or threat from the villains

When Two Yonko together can't kill a single character

Kaido is called the World's Strongest Creature

and he couldn't kill a motherfucker in this arc

he bashed Kin'emon's head in and stabbed his gut with a sword, and Kin'emon is fucking alive and in a better state than Luffy and Zoro my friend

Kaido looks like a joke because of it

World's Strongest Creature can't do shit
Kaido is in every single point of view a failure, a miserable character a Loser if you like, same goes for Big Mom, the were to long in power, they where pretty big headed, the new era were their downfall.

Btw Kaido is still the strongest creature in the world. Btw I don't believe he's dead. He will come back at least EOS war.
Nah, man, I think Oda has some crazy stuff lined up. It will be very controversial, but the end of Wano is going to turn into a giant escalating fuck-fest that's going to lead directly into the final arc and set the stakes higher than they've ever been.

Even if I'm wrong 95% of the things I think Oda is planning, if even 5% of them are coming, this will be the most explosive arc in the series, by far. Act 4 should be a hurricane of emotions.
Do a thread. I think Luffy is gonna die in the next 10 chapters
s that satisfying about a dead character?

Ace made 100 % sense. But why people still put immense weight on an arc if it's good or bad depending on a character dying or not ?

Oda made a good decision to not kill every single character and gaht he occasionally kill one
Im starting to worry he might be the gag character of the Admirals, the one Oda can truly bully and humiliate.

If thar flower thing is true, it will make him seem more goofy too and even "feminine", although I wouldn't mind that at all but we know how Oda loves to shit on female and feminine characters generally.

I jokingly suggested he will be like Poison Ivy before and even hoped for it too, might be true after all! Forest God Green Bull! Hashirama of OP potentially hopefully!
I wouldn't be surprised if Green Bull does end up being the "gag character" out of the three Admirals. If Oda wants to do a "Straw Hats vs. Marines/Admirals" in the future or by the end of the series, he could have Sanji fight Green Bull aka the "gag character"/"womanizer".
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