What will Greenbull’s Devil fruit be?

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I feel like wano is far from finished and is really 5 act, but here the third has a fake good ending up until kaido & big mom come back. Then he will attack the flower capital with a purple boro breath (like in the opening) and idk, luffy will beat him one last time ? Btw during the opening we see some iced log pose, it might mean the strawhats will stay a bit longer in wano ? (a month ? 3 ? a year ?)

Also about ashura, this mean the dude didn't even learned haki or at least ryuo to block the bomb ? Cuz damn, hyogoro is far above him.

Ashura : stay the boss of some gang of wano during 20 years and most likely fight often.
Hyogoro : starve in udon's prison eating 2 dango per day & pushing some rocks for 20 years.

Shimotsuki Ghostly

Clown In A Ghost Town
Wait... guys... if Green Bull is actually working with Wano/Sword...

And Green Bull betrays the WG/Marines... then...

Green Bull is literally A PLANT (ie, a spy). I just can't, are you shitting me?
Oda said both he and Fujitora are Anti WG too. I'd laugh if he's a Revolutionary or associated with Shanks somehow.

I would have said Blackbeard but he has Kuzan ofc now. GB could be a rogue force too.


𝓟𝓲𝓻𝓪𝓽𝓮 𝓠𝓾𝓮𝓮𝓷
If you mean R5 vs Greenbull, then, yes, Greenbull will lose.

But any less than that? I see no reason to believe GB will lose.
Yeah I agree, if any of them solo him they're probably gonna get bodied, it's just that in-context currently it's so ridiculous to have 1 admiral with his shitty warship coming into a country filled with powerful samurai, supernovas who beat Yonkos and other extremely powerful pirates and expect him to be able to do anything but get his ass handed to him if he attempts to fight, unless Oda completely fucks over the powerscaling of Admirals.
A well placed death signifies high stakes, makes the reader feel a thrill/sense of danger and adds a level of (needed) seriousness to a war arc.

That's where Oda failed.

Nobody felt any kind of danger for "our heroes" during this raid.
Events so far going to be like post Thriller bark fight, when Kuma arrived. I believe the real obstacles are starting to begin. WG, Marines, SSG, Vegapunk incoming.
oda better not make green bull a gag character just because he is sanji future opponent. pls oda give sanji a serious oppenent for once:josad:

pls oda sanji vs kizaru is better than another gag fight like queen vs sanji:josad:
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