What will Greenbull’s Devil fruit be?

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No, sending 2 admirals is the least they can do + SSG stuff. That's the alliance which defeated two Yonko, they know that. Also, according to the spoilers, Greenbull flies towards them. I guess the remaining admirals are in the ship while Greenbull is the first one to start the attack.

Tbh, I don't think Zoro pulls stuff like that out yet, that's some endgame stuff.
However, demolishing the navy forces with CoC slashes is a thing I'd really like to see. Either way, navy forces will be forced to retreat, even with an admiral around. The alliance is just too powerful rn. They even waited an entire weak for their invasion, giving them all enough time to recover lol. I really hope they're sending one more admiral, otherwise they're gonna be wrecked.
I understand that bro. Against the combined force in Wano right now: Nika Luffy, KoH Zoro, exo Sanji, Jinbe, Yamao, awakened Law and Kidd (if they are still resting in Wano after 1 week), scabbards etc. Sending 1 admiral there is suicide. Sending 2 is still suicide. Even sending 3, they WILL STILL LOSE I think.
Sending 1 admiral there along with Buster Call fodders was cool but only in pre TS. Right now, it is similar to when Doffy alone flew to PH when there was Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Law, Smoker, etc combined. But Oda made everyone but Smoker left when Doffy reached PH.

But the problem is they don'f have enough resource atm to send more than 1 Admirals to Wano. Everyone is moving. Blackbeard, Shichibukais etc. Probably the only one not moving is Dragon the coward. So yep, in the end I think only Greenbull alone being sent to Wano.
He won't do shit neither.
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