What will Greenbull’s Devil fruit be?

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bro its one piece that pig that oden cut in half was alive some how why people expect to see bm or kaido die in magma?
od just killed 2 random extra side character that bearly any one cared about them and i still expect to see them alive in cover story after wano
Yeah. Pedro, monet, vergo, yasuo are alive. Even Whitebeard and Ace are alive. Rpger was alive. Rebecca mother was alive. Whoever died in the flashback was alive.


One Piece sucks
Ysah. Black and white of everything. Admirals were never allowed to fight to the potential given they have to tackle these competent fighters in reverie where not just fight but safety of others also important.
Does BM and kaido need to go all out to handle that squad? No
2 admirals struggled againsta a weaker squad than that Kaido beat alone or that Rocks duo easily handled
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