What will Greenbull’s Devil fruit be?

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Damn it, Oda is really changing the story just to finish faster. That's such bullshit. It's been going on for 24 years and over 1000 chapters and now that we've finally gotten to the parts everyone has been waiting for he's just going to rush to the end.
Wano took longer than he originally envisioned, honestly I'm not even surprised he's going for a rush job. :kriwhat:
Well I kind of agree but seeing how Oda has offpanelled an entire week of events,chances are more than half of these has already happened.

I also can't see Oda going on a month long break without concluding Wano,last time it happened was a 2 year timeskip in-verse so I'm getting sceptical.

Disappointing ending but I don't even care anymore lol.
Eh, he didn't offpanel anything guys. Do we say he offpaneled multiple days in Alabasta, Water 7, or Dressrosa? Nothing needed to happen during those 7 days.

He explained why he's taking a month break. It has nothing to do with Wano ending directly. It has to do with his schedule regarding Netflix and Film Red AS WELL AS continuing to plan the final arc/storyline.
Depends on your personal taste and what you are looking for. Hunter x Hunter has one of the best writing stiles ever. One piece is unbeatable in world building.
but even if that’s the case. Go and debate it on a hxh forum. And don’t spoil me here about something I don’t want to be spoiled about.
I swear One Piece's world building is so overhyped and oversignified. When your only competition are other fighting shonen it's pretty easy to look fantastic in comparison I guess.
Why did this whore even exist? Literally the most useless/worthless character in this entire manga

Her plan to kill Orochi
  • go to Onigashima and play music to Orochi
  • hope that a ceiling falls on Orochi
  • stick in sea stone nail
  • hope that Kanjuro will come and light him on fire for some reason
  • *sea stone nail falls out*
  • panic and hope Denjiro comes to save her
20 years of dick sucking and this is the plan she thought of? Couldn't she kill Orochi earlier while sucking his cock?

idiotic post
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