What will Greenbull’s Devil fruit be?

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Kaido can’t even one shot Kinemon lol, be serious. Big Mom vs Jinbe is at best a high diff for Big Mom given that two rookies beat her without Haki lol.

Kaido is lucky he never fought any Warlord stronger than Moriah.
Kizaru's multiple kicks didn't do anything to pre skip tired luffy

Sengoku's attack didn't do anything to luffy who was 1%

Where kinnemon was down while blocking

Let's be real Admirals are trash
What’s the alternative? They didn’t die, so now they’re just sitting around twiddling their thumbs while the World watches the new generation claim victory? Lol
No clue, working theory is they were expelled by the eruption from Wano. We do not know where they are right now and for all we know they could show up soon. There was no mention of their deaths even in this chapter, a yonko's death is important and so far we got nothing about the death of two.

Green Bull is about to claim Kaido’s territory for the WG and Kaido is just sitting around like “this is fine” lol? 7 days have past since their defeats, where even are they? The answer is that they were burned to ash without a trace.
Again we know nothing here, merely making assumptions. And by the way isnt the fact that the WG waited for Kaido to be gone to claim Wano a notch in Kaido's favor portrayal wise?

Luffy defeated Kaido 1v1, Kid and Law defeated Big Mom. These three constitute two Yonko + level individuals now. Still not enough for Sakazuki to send even two Admirals. Lol
No he did not.Kid and Law BFRed BM she was still conscious and cursing at them while falling down, it was the 2nd island sized attack she took( from the bombs)+ her being stuck in lava for hours that did her in. That is not a Two Yonko level force however you wanna spin it.

What do you think was going to happen? Kizaru tells Big Mom to turn around, and then she just turns and leaves lol? Like she obviously was going to fight him, and Sakazuki considering the strength of the Samurai as well shows he expected Kizaru to have to deal with Kaido too.
The same thing they tried to do to prevent Shanks and WB from meeting except this time send an Admiral + a strong enough force behind him to act as a deterrent, its done everywhere. Even in real life. You'd think a military fanatic like you would understand that. If BM fights him then what? Even if she beats him and his forces ( this fight should be taking days) you think Kaido or whoever wont take advantage or her depleted status to finish her off? No, Akainu made no mention of Kaido but going to Wano and stop BM from coming in contact with Kaido would include the risk of being attacked by the locals too.

I doubt anything major will happen, but if the force that just defeated Kaido and Big Job runs away from a single Admiral, that may be an even more humiliating end for the Yonko than two of them being easily killed by Akainu’s Devil Fruit power lol.
We will see mate.
It doesn't even matter. If we got a panel where Kaido immediately gets vaporized then it would mean something and even then this is base hakiless kaido
Lol nobody would immediately vaporised being submerged in Lava. If Kaido dies by it though that's pretty telling. Neither can the Volcano use Haki which Akainu can.

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Kizaru's multiple kicks didn't do anything to pre skip tired luffy
Sengoku's attack didn't do anything to luffy who was 1%
Luffy is immune to blunt force, so why would blunt force attacks without Haki injure him? Kizaru’s YnK would’ve killed Whitebeard the strongest Yonko himself instantly had Marco not intervened. Light speed kicks are just Kizaru playing around lol.
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