What will Greenbull’s Devil fruit be?

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Working theory by butthurt crybabies lol. Momo literally confirmed that Kaido at least is dead.
Momo isnt a reliable source, the narrator is and the narrator said nothing about Kaido and Big mom being dead. You would think Oda would inform us of that.
My brother in Christ, how long do you want this damn arc to go on for lol?

Even if they don’t show up until after we leave Wano, that would make this entire 4 year dumpster fire of an arc even more redundant, because now Luffy still has 4 Emperors to deal with in the race to Raftel instead of two.
I meant after Wano, Kaido is probably gonna be on Luffy's side now tbh given the whole JB thing. BM may have been turned into O'lin tbh. So no they wont be contenders for Raftel anymore.

Didn’t the World Government do everything in their power to prevent Kaido from being defeated? They even had Cipher Pol attack Luffy while he was fighting Kaido lol. The Government did not want Kaido to be defeated, and they are only claiming Wano to keep the peace.
No, they tried to prevent Luffy from awakening at the risk of angering Kaido. The government didnt want Luffy to awaken.

Oh but Bitchbeard defeated Sakazuki even though Sakazuki was speaking directly back to Bitchbeard? Lol
Akainu won that fight.

Don’t give me that shit, Big Mom was defeated by Kid and Law, together they are Yonko + level. Big Mom was completely helpless to stop herself from falling on the bombs, while Sakazuki did stop himself from falling into the water beneath Marineford. And he also blew Bitchbeard’s brains out even though he had just been snuck since in a fair 1v1 Akainu neg diffed Whitebeard the strongest Yonko with his hands in his pockets.
Akainu stopped himself because he was no longer being attacked by WB, BM was still being pressured down by the attacks and was unable to call onto her homies because Law silenced her. No need to overcompensate with the hands in the pocket stuff mate, relax. Im not your enemy.

Which was to fight them lol. Like I said, Sakazuki knew sending Kizaru would cause him to get sandwiched between Meme and Kaido, but have no fucks anyway. And now the literal exact same thing is happening with Green Bull.
Context matters, right before that marines were speaking about how they cant allow them to meet up,etc and then transition to Kizaru asking Akainu if he should go. Kaido showed enough feats for you to respect him, dont be obtuse mate. Kaido deserves some modicum of respect from you, he has more than earned his title and reputation.
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